• Energy-hydrogen fuel cell
    What is going to take place when Africa can no more find the money for fossil fuels? With speedily depleting fossil fuels an alternative, cleanse, and renewable supply of power should be located. Fossil fuels are costly plus a detrimental impact on the atmosphere.
    A possible solution to this challenge is Hydrogen Gas Cell Technologies (HFCT), a clean, limitless, efficient, and powerful resource of power whose long term affordability is promising. South Africa might be the driving pressure of this technologies. It's because the Platinum team metals (PGMs) which might be the primary catalytic resources for this technology are discovered mainly in South Africa. Approximately 75% on the world�s platinum reserve is found in South Africa.

    Energy-renewable energy
    What is the possible influence and value of this technologies for Africa against other power resources?
    As being a building continent, the sensible apps of the engineering are countless. The transport industry in Africa could greatly gain and boost Africa�s intercontinental distribution of goods which depends mostly on heavy-duty vans. If this technologies replaced the oil propulsive run vans, it would enable for cleaner, safer and more affordable networked distribution. It could further be fitted into all kinds of vehicles from autos, vans buses, vehicles, industry-handling automobiles, trains, to navy vehicles and ferries (Morris, 2015).
    The portable gasoline mobile technological innovation includes incorporating fuel cell systems into transportable merchandise. Fuel mobile batteries could be built into education kits, laptops, printers, and household products (Oxford, 2014). In this way, even one of the most remote regions in the continent would've use of good quality and reasonably priced sources for education and learning and catalyse early innovation. The rural growth of energy infrastructure, coupled with top quality education stages, could outcome in economic development new industries and employment.
    The telecommunications sector in Africa would benefit largely from this technology and assure uninterrupted energy provide to telecommunication bases and data facilities, improving the sharing of knowledge, security and important info.
    Japan could be regarded amongst the futuristic leaders for gasoline mobile technological innovation. Using the 2020 Olympics earmarked for Tokyo, Japan strategies to utilize Hydrogen Gasoline Cell Technologies to include price for the online games and the place normally (Morris, 2015). To accomplish this, it set apart, around $350 million to aid the subsidizing of prices of fueling stations and Hydrogen fueled cars and buses, employed as a transit for website visitors and athletes everywhere in the city. An Olympic village will be solely electrified by Hydrogen Fuel Mobile Technologies.
    The affect that this technology retains is sufficient to revolutionize the longer term. African nations around the world need to consider benefit of South Africa�s reserve for platinum team metals. A cleanse, protected, and successful power technique is crucial for Africa�s financial growth.

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